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Comments from some Private Sessions clients:

"Deborah's healing work has helped me to recover from deep emotional trauma as well as several health complaints that traditional western medicine didn't help."

Leilani Smith

"Deborah Myers is a remarkably gifted healer. I would recommend her work for anyone who is seeking pain or stress relief, or who wants to achieve more balance and health."

Dr. Maya Bailey

"Deborah Myers is an amazing healer.  Led by her intuitive sense and the blend of several modalities, her ability to increase flow, release tension, and restore balance is the reason I keep coming back for more!  Unwavering confidence - she knows exactly where to go to find the blockages.  I have seen dramatic results physically and emotionally in areas where I did not find relief through Western medicine/other modalities.  I leave her sessions feeling energized and yet relaxed and grounded in my body.  Deborah has a big heart and when she connects with my energetic body, it’s a beautiful dance."

Jennifer Cody, Executive Coach, Santa Rosa

"Deborah Myers and her knowledge of acupressure has dramatically enhanced my health and well-being for around 15 years. Her work keeps me going."

Star Dewar, Star Shots Photography

“Deborah has been helping my whole family for five years—with surgeries, injuries, everyday life balance, or any ‘project’ (as Deborah calls them). The Daily Clean Your House Flow is a top priority for me—it makes all the difference to help me feel balanced!  I cannot recommend Deborah and her work enough!”

Michelle Olson , Vice President, Phoenix Development Company of Mpls, LLC

"I am so happy I found Deborah! I have been seeing her for acupressure for nearly two years…. At 80 years old, it is almost a given to have some aches and pains periodically. With Deborah’s help and with her self-help guidance, I’ve kept these to a minimum. Thank you, Deborah for helping me stay vital so I can continue to work and travel."

Betz Tyler, Realtor and travel enthusiast

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