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Parent comments that touched my heart:

I don’t have to badger the kids to do their homework. The kids are getting their work done and they’re doing better in school.

Susan , mother of two

My children are getting along better! The whole family is having fewer and fewer quarrels.

Leslie , mother of three

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What some teachers had to say:

I have eight students who struggle with paying attention and focusing. ALL of them showed improvement when we used the Daily Flow. I also noticed on days when we didn’t do it that the kids were not as focused. It especially helped one little girl excel for the first time in school!

My students really love the Daily Clean Your House Flow. They love the video, and they like knowing that they have control over their bodies. It's a great tool that they can use at home and for the rest of their lives.

Lara Futch , third-grade teacher, Santa Rosa, CA

My students want to do the Daily Flow. They ask for it! I notice increased attention and focus, improved test scores, plus more success with sports and recess activities.

Sue , second-grade teacher

I love that doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow with my students centers them and creates focus. I notice that there is more cooperation among the students and less acting out. If there is a behavior issue in the classroom, we just do an extra Daily Flow or a pose or two from it, and everyone becomes more centered and well behaved. Doing the Daily Flow is an important part of the day.

Arianne , Kindergarten teacher

You know – I haven’t been sick for a long time. (his teacher later told me that this student had been absent because of illness a lot during the first few months of school. They started doing the Daily Flow every day and he hadn’t been ill for the last six weeks).

Jake, 4th grade student

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These were emails I received from 6th graders:

"Hi! My name is Jenny. My teacher does this Daily Flow with us every morning about energy. It really helps me get ready for the day!!! I even do it at night before I go to bed because it helps me go to sleep because I often have a hard time going to sleep. Well, I just wanted to tell you that I really like what you do!!! And it really helps!!”

Jenny , sixth-grade student

"Hi! My name is Sue. I’m a student in the sixth grade. Our teacher taught us all about the daily flow and now we do it every morning. It is soooo cool, and I love being pumped up when I feel tired and slow. I have even got my brothers starting it! They think it is so much fun! It really is cool. Thanks so much! Sincerely, A happy energized student!"

Sue , sixth-grade student

"Hi. I’m Larry and I’m in sixth grade. We do your exercise every morning and I do it before I go to bed. It helps us be ready for all the information, and it is especially especially great before a BIG test. I like your website and reading your articles. Thanks!"

Larry , sixth-grade student

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Kid Comments that put a smile on my face:

This is fun •

I feel different •

Can we do the Daily Flow now? •

I’m getting along better with my brother. And I taught him how to do the Daily Flow. We do it together at home now. •

It’s easier to study and I’m getting better grades on my spelling tests.

Comments from Grade School Kids

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Comments from grown-ups about their experience with the Daily Flow:

“I am so happy I found Deborah! I have been religious about using the Daily Clean Your House Flow for two years because it makes me feel more balanced. I also attended Deborah’s self-help acupressure workshop and I find it extremely useful for keeping my body in tune. With Deborah’s help, and the Daily Clean Your House Flow, I’ve managed to keep aches and pains at a minimum, even though I’m 80 years old and still working and traveling.”

Betz Tyler , Realtor® & travel enthusiast

“Working with and learning from Deborah has changed my life! She has helped me manage the physical, mental and emotional stress of a chronic illness. Since incorporating the Daily Clean Your House Flow into my morning ritual, I am able to handle stressful situations and anxiety in a much calmer way."

Mary Ellen Smith , avid gardener and dog lover

“Deborah has been helping my whole family for five years—with surgeries, injuries, everyday life balance, or any ‘project’ (as Deborah calls them). The Daily Clean Your House Flow is a top priority for me—it makes all the difference to help me feel balanced!  I cannot recommend Deborah and her work enough!”

Michelle Olson , Vice President, Phoenix Development Company of Mpls, LLC

"Making use of Deborah Myers’ Daily Clean Your House Flow routine is better than being a couch potato! It is so easy to learn, whether by written instruction, graphic instruction, or demonstration, that anyone of any age can pick it up quickly and begin reaping the benefits immediately."

Vilma Ginzberg , Retired Psychologist

“Doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow is the best way for me to get centered in the midst of my very full life. It also relieves stress, eases my aches and pains and I immediately feel better.”

Ruth Schwartz , entrepreneur & nonprofit CEO

“We had a workplace wellness workshop in which our employees learned the Daily Clean Your House Flow techniques for stress reduction and dealing with headaches and pain. Now we see them doing the poses regularly and are noticing that our workforce attendance has improved and there is better cooperation.”

Gayle Carston , Business Owner

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