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Hello HSC Conference Attendees!!

  • Are you struggling as you try to manage your kids’ attention and focus during distance learning, day in day out?

  • Are you concerned about your kids spending so much time in front of screens that their bodies are suffering?

  • Are you finding that your kids (and you for that matter) are experiencing periods of anxiety and stress that cause them to get off track? Maybe they even feel like they can’t get full breaths. And right now, there’s just TOO much going on that can take us off-center.

Are you ready to discover a super-easy way to solve those problems and optimize learning?

Bring on the calm and help your family feel strength and vitality with Easy Self-Help Acupressure!

Self-help acupressure can help your children—as well as all members of your family—feel more centered and grounded, be healthier and stronger, have more vitality, and have more success in all that they want to do.

I have lots of gifts for you at the HSC conference this weekend!!

First, watch this Easy Self-Help Acupressure animated video at no charge!

A little background: To help out kids, I created an animated video of The Daily Clean Your House Flow. It is a super easy and enjoyable way to help our bodies discover balance and harmony. Balanced energy allows you to breathe deeper, de-stress, and feel more at ease!  Adults love the video just as much as kids!

And, now as a result of the pandemic and the unrest, I have posted the entire 6-1/2 minute video here as a gift for you to use. I want parents, kids, teachers, health care workers, essential businesspeople—EVERYONE—to have an easier time during this crisis we are all dealing with.


I’ve been teaching this nine-step self-help acupressure flow called the Daily Clean Your House Flow to my clients and students for 25 years.

This series of nine easy acupressure steps improves energy flow and gives the immune, endocrine, and adrenal systems an extra boost. In addition, it will bring calm, increase focus and attention span, improve rest and sleep, relieve pain and discomfort, and help you and your kids deal with the extreme confusion that is going on in our lives. And it will help us get through the “stuff” of the day—every day.

I’ll be teaching a workshop at the conference on Saturday morning at 9:00.

I hope you’ll join me to discover how youth of all ages can easily increase self-confidence, increase focus, balance emotions, improve health, and live life with mindfulness and enthusiasm. And, the information will work for adults too!

There will be a PDF of the handout that you can easily access.

And I have more special gifts for YOU—because I want to support you on your journey as you move through the homeschooling adventure, as well as this excursion called life.

Click on the purple Optimize Learning button and you will be registered for:

  1. A raffle for one 90-minute live customized Training Party. 
    • You and 5 home school families of your choice meet with Deborah on Zoom
    • Yours to keep: Easy Self-Help Accupressure Animated Video and ebook
    • Optimize Learning Guide PDF. Value of $704.
  2. Info on a special September training for kids and parents. Learn how self-help acupressure can empower you to do all you want to do and do it without stress!
  3. A coupon worth $60 off on your very own copy of the animated video and companion eBook package (only $27 with the coupon).
  4. The PDF of the handout from my presentation at this year’s HSC conference: the Optimize Learning Guide You will be able to access it immediately when you click on the purple button.


During the HSC Conference, you are invited to attend live Q&A Meet-Ups with me on Zoom that are already scheduled! Join me so I can give you specific energy tips for dealing with your issues! Password to attend is 319098

I’m so excited to be part of this amazing conference! I want to help YOU navigate the homeschooling world and discover how to optimize learning for the students in your life, especially during this time when they are experiencing a sense of “too much going wrong in the world.”

I want to help youth of all ages know that fun and joy can still be a part of their lives.

Learn Easy Self-Help Acupressure and you can easily increase self-confidence, focus, and happiness AND you can live life with enthusiasm!! (This works for adults and youth of all ages!)

Why does self-help acupressure help reduce stress and anxiety, increase clarity and focus, balance emotions, improve health, increase self-confidence, and mindfulness?

Your body is made up of energy and energy needs to move. We can help that happen by lightly touching energy balance points (just like with acupuncture) to bring the points into balance and harmony.

Many people say that the Daily Clean Your House Flow is a built-in meditation practice. You can experience a feeling of calm without having to try to make it happen. And you’ll replenish your body’s immune system at the same time.

There is no such thing as too much self-help, so do the flow multiple times a day. Your body—and your mind—WILL appreciate it immensely!

If you have any questions, reach out to me.  I’m here to help!

Remember to click on that purple button to register for the raffles and to get the PDF of the handout from my HSC presentation (it includes a concise list of the Daily Clean Your House Flow steps).

My best wishes to you as we weather this crisis together,

Deborah Myers

Deborah Myers wellness








“During the COVID-19 crisis, helping children have a consistent routine is essential to creating emotional safety and certainty.  Deborah’s Daily Clean Your House Flow is a wonderful tool to help you and your children release stress, connect as a family, and feel empowered to live from a place of strength and confidence, rather than fear and anxiety.  I’m always looking for resources to help children manage their emotions and feel successful in their personal and educational lives, and I highly recommend Deborah’s video and e-book to help achieve those goals!”
— Dr. Blake Brandes, Growth Mindset Expert and Youth Motivational Speaker

Here’s how one home-schooling family works with the Daily Clean Your House Flow animated video.

I homeschool both of my children, ages 7 and 9. The Daily Clean Your House Flow has been a game-changer, keeping my children focused and balanced. I get such compliments on how well-behaved my children are when we go out and I have the Daily Clean your House Flow to thank for that. —Virginia Allen



Click on the above graphic and get your very own copy of the animated video and companion eBook (an $87 value) and save $60.00! Use the code HSCDISCOUNT when you order and pay only $27.00!

“The Daily Clean Your House Flow is an easy way to give your children an edge in both academic and nonacademic endeavors. Plus it’s a great tool for parents to stay calm and focused.”
—Lara, mother of three and 3rd grade teacher

“I don’t have to badger the kids to do their homework. The kids are getting their work done and they’re doing better in school.”
—Susan, mother of two

“It’s easier to study and I’m getting better grades on my spelling tests.”
—8-year-old in 3rd grade

“I can’t imagine not doing the Daily Flow. It helps each day go smoothly. I sleep better and start the day rested. Studying is easier and I have no anxiety over tests. And, anytime I have feelings come up that I don’t understand I just Jumper Cable and I feel better.”

“The Daily Clean Your House Flow is the most indispensable tool in my tool bag. Before getting out of bed each day I do my DCYHF to prep my body for the coming day’s challenges. I know I can turn to the DCYHF and rebalance my energy to feel better, think better, move better, relax and sleep. The DCYHF is the best all-around tool in my tool bag.”
—Ronnie Roche, owner of Technology Simplified


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