Amber Heidtke, Boys & Girls Club

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“I’m seeing a huge change in the way that the kids have been interacting all summer long. There are 100 kids here every day, and when there are 100 kids, there are going to be conflicts. They are going to get on each other’s nerves, and they’re going to get frustrated. What you’ve been able to teach them has given them additional tools in their toolbox to handle their feelings. These tools will provide them with mental clarity, how to focus and concentrate on their tasks.

We thank you for being here and helping our kids. We appreciate it. We’d love to have you come back and see us during the school year too. And I’d love to have you help the staff too.”


Amber Heidtke , Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club Greater Santa Rosa

Dr. Blake Brandes, Growth Mindset Expert

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“During the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, helping children have a consistent routine is essential to creating emotional safety and certainty.  Deborah’s Daily Clean Your House Flow is a wonderful tool to help you and your children release stress, connect as a family, and feel empowered to live from a place of strength and confidence rather than fear and anxiety.  I’m always looking for resources to help children manage their emotions and feel successful in their personal and educational lives, and I highly recommend Deborah’s Productive Mindfulness School Program. Her program, which includes the animated video and eBook, helps achieve those goals!”


Dr. Blake Brandes , Growth Mindset Expert and Youth Motivational Speaker

Comments from Grade School Kids

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This is fun •

I feel different •

Can we do the Daily Flow now? •

I’m getting along better with my brother. And I taught him how to do the Daily Flow. We do it together at home now. •

It’s easier to study and I’m getting better grades on my spelling tests.

Comments from Grade School Kids

Sarah, High School Senior

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“I wish I had known all about self-help acupressure years ago. Studying, writing papers and taking tests would have been easier and less stressful. I’m taking this to college with me.”

Sarah , High School Senior

Mary, High School Junior

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“I can’t imagine not doing the Daily Flow. It helps each day go smoothly. I sleep better and start the day rested. Studying is easier and I have no anxiety over tests. And, anytime I have feelings come up that I don’t understand I just Jumper Cable and I feel better.”

Mary , High School Junior

Larry, sixth-grade student

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“Hi. I’m Larry and I’m in sixth grade. We do your exercise every morning and I do it before I go to bed. It helps us be ready for all the information, and it is especially especially great before a BIG test. I like your website and reading your articles. Thanks!”

Larry , sixth-grade student

Sue, sixth grade student

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“Hi! My name is Sue. I’m a student in the sixth grade. Our teacher taught us all about the daily flow and now we do it every morning. It is soooo cool, and I love being pumped up when I feel tired and slow. I have even got my brothers starting it! They think it is so much fun! It really is cool. Thanks so much! Sincerely, A happy energized student!”

Sue , sixth-grade student

Jenny, sixth-grade student

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“Hi! My name is Jenny. My teacher does this Daily Flow with us every morning about energy. It really helps me get ready for the day!!! I even do it at night before I go to bed because it helps me go to sleep because I often have a hard time going to sleep. Well, I just wanted to tell you that I really like what you do!!! And it really helps!!”

Jenny , sixth-grade student

Arianne, Kindergarten teacher

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I love that doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow with my students centers them and creates focus. I notice that there is more cooperation among the students and less acting out. If there is a behavior issue in the classroom, we just do an extra Daily Flow or a pose or two from it, and everyone becomes more centered and well behaved. Doing the Daily Flow is an important part of the day.

Arianne , Kindergarten teacher

Sue, second-grade teacher

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My students want to do the Daily Flow. They ask for it! I notice increased attention and focus, improved test scores, plus more success with sports and recess activities.

Sue , second-grade teacher



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