Amber Heidtke, Boys & Girls Club

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“I’m seeing a huge change in the way that the kids have been interacting all summer long. There are 100 kids here every day, and when there are 100 kids, there are going to be conflicts. They are going to get on each other’s nerves, and they’re going to get frustrated. What you’ve been able to teach them has given them additional tools in their toolbox to handle their feelings. These tools will provide them with mental clarity, how to focus and concentrate on their tasks.

We thank you for being here and helping our kids. We appreciate it. We’d love to have you come back and see us during the school year too. And I’d love to have you help the staff too.”


Amber Heidtke , Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club Greater Santa Rosa

Dr. Blake Brandes, Growth Mindset Expert

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“During the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, helping children have a consistent routine is essential to creating emotional safety and certainty.  Deborah’s Daily Clean Your House Flow is a wonderful tool to help you and your children release stress, connect as a family, and feel empowered to live from a place of strength and confidence rather than fear and anxiety.  I’m always looking for resources to help children manage their emotions and feel successful in their personal and educational lives, and I highly recommend Deborah’s Productive Mindfulness School Program. Her program, which includes the animated video and eBook, helps achieve those goals!”


Dr. Blake Brandes , Growth Mindset Expert and Youth Motivational Speaker

Susan, mother of two

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I don’t have to badger the kids to do their homework. The kids are getting their work done and they’re doing better in school.

Susan , mother of two

Leslie, mother of three

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My children are getting along better! The whole family is having fewer and fewer quarrels.

Leslie , mother of three

Lara Futch, Parent and third-grade teacher

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All of us know and have experienced that we can start out having rough days and/or have so-so moments during our days. But it doesn’t have to stay that way! Even a six-year-old can change in five short minutes.

Camden was having a rough morning. He was in the midst of a Lego project and was having trouble figuring out how to connect the pieces. He wanted Mom’s attention but Mom was busy taking care of office stuff and checking her emails. Mom clicked on the link to the Daily Clean Your House Flow video and this is what transpired:

Camden was immediately engaged by the illustrations, the voice, and the music. He immediately started following the steps on the video and at the end of the five-minute routine, he was calm and with clarity said, “I’ve figured it out, Mom. I know what I need to do.” He went back to the pile of Legos, sat down, immediately picked up the pieces he needed, and completed his project. In a few moments he piped up with, “Mom, I’m so relaxed.”

Lara Futch , Parent and third-grade teacher

Sue, sixth grade student

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“Hi! My name is Sue. I’m a student in the sixth grade. Our teacher taught us all about the daily flow and now we do it every morning. It is soooo cool, and I love being pumped up when I feel tired and slow. I have even got my brothers starting it! They think it is so much fun! It really is cool. Thanks so much! Sincerely, A happy energized student!”

Sue , sixth-grade student



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