Spring brings magic and smiles

chocolates on a plateSpring is like a box of chocolates!

You never know what you’re gonna get.” Okay – I love all three parts of that statement – spring, chocolates and the not stated but oh, so awesome Forrest Gump.
Spring is so full of so many amazing and yummy pieces of chocolate – the warmth, the flowers, the bursting of amazing scents, the balmy breezes and rain showers (we hope!), and the long list of activities we want to do. Those first pieces are easy but I can easily get caught up in the last one I mentioned. There always seems to be so much to do. The list is long and I have a tendency to want to do it all and feel like I should do even more. The trick is to pull one piece out at a time, savor the yumminess and get the absolute most out of it. The next trick is to make sure your body and your calendar can thoroughly experience and enjoy all of the pieces of chocolate that are in your box because it’s important to always have that smile!

Spring Energy Tips

Here are some energy tips to help you with YOUR box of chocolates! So you can be in joy and magic!
For clarity about your list (what piece of chocolate to pull out of your box), having the energy to do what you want to do, and enjoying every moment:

For clarity

  1. Place fingers on left and right base of skull
  2. Left hand: cup back of your head with fingers on right base of your skull
  3. Right hand: cup forehead with fingers on left side

For renewing your energy and creating vitality:

  1. Hold your hands at mid-back, right fingers on the right side at kidney level and left fingers on the left side at kidney level.
  2. Sit on your hands (this energy balance point is all about giving you and your body that extra boost of energy!)

experience spring magic

For helping you and your body KNOW and experience all of the pieces of chocolate that create the magic of spring:
Hold fingers on outside of knees, left fingers on left knee and right fingers on right knee.

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