Free Wellness Webinar with Shiroko Sokitch

The dynamic duo of Dr. Shiroko Sokitch – MD/acupuncture and Deborah Myers – Jin Shin practitioner will share tips and tools for taking care of your health and your family’s health while in these stressful times.

Learn from these experts how to increase your ability to stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit. These skills are tantamount to increasing your safety and longevity. Master these tools during this crisis and have them at your fingertips throughout your lives for ease and wellness.

We will cover:

  • Self-help acupressure routines.
  • Energy points for strengthening the immune system.
  • Connecting with the expansion of breath.
  • How we can assist our bodies in creating consciousness and awareness during this topsy-turvy time.
  • How to bring clarity and focus to our mind and body.

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Learn more about Shiroko Sokitch, MD, director of Heart to Heart Medical Center.

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