Hormones, The Good, The Bad, The Balanced

Woman-Butterfly-MetamorphosesAre you feeling healthy, vital, vibrant and comfortable in your body?

All of those are signs that your body is in a state of balance. If you have moments in the day where you’re just feeling “off”, the chances are good that you just may need to tweak one or more of the following: your diet, “busy scheduling”, exercise, sleep time or “time you spend in your head”. And, of course, it just might be good to add in a few more energy balancing flows to perk up your entire system!
If you’re feeling “off” and tired, fatigued, and maybe even “out of sorts”, your hormones may be in a state of imbalance. Balanced hormones help all the systems in your body to work together easily and effortlessly. And when they’re balanced, everything you’re already doing for your body, mind and spirit will be that much more effective. In addition, your body will be less likely to even experience symptoms of stress if your hormones are regulated. We usually hear more about hormones when women are “going into menopause”.

Hormone health is appropriate conversation no matter your age

Hormones are always in flux and therefore finding balance is a life-long goal. At my retreat on September 7th, we will be experiencing energy work (Jin Shin Jyutsu/acupressure self-help) and yoga that will be all about the endocrine system. In addition, we will have the expertise of an acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist who will be sharing all about hormones and creating an endocrine system that is regulated and balanced. No matter what your age, plan on discovering what YOU can do to be in a body that is in a balanced state. Join us: me (Deborah Myers), Maria Battista, and Shiroko Sokitch, so you can experience a “me day” at my home and garden! And plan on having lots of yummy, healthy food from Garry and Judy Baker.
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Breath and Imagery

This is a guest post from Maria Battista, Sacred Mountain Yoga

yoga on the deck“At our retreat on July 1st we acknowledged the beautiful nature that surrounded us on Sonoma Mountain.  Our yoga practice focused on breathing with the many oak trees all around.  We drew deep into our lungs and blood stream the rich oxygen that the trees and plants were offering to us.  In return we gave back to them what our cells no longer needed so that they could create more oxygen.  Giving and receiving through mindful breathing we felt our mutually nurturing connection to the earth and to each other.  In our asana practice we opened up our bodies to remove the tightness, and the blockages.  Each of us, at our own level was able to expand to receive and to give back with more abundance.  We were energized and fed, calm and grounded.

Our retreat on September 7th will be about balancing our hormones. In the yoga portion, we will focus on the endocrine system.  Using movement and posture we will gently massage each of the organs of the endocrine system to tone and balance.  Movements of the neck will tone the thyroid and parathyroid.   Chest openers will enliven the thymus gland behind the breastbone,  twists for  the pancreas and ovaries.  Using forward bends the adrenal glands at the back of the waist will be calmed and restored.  Gentle inversions will bring blood into the brain to feed the pineal and pituitary glands.

Using breath and imagery we will touch each of these organs with the healing power of intention and light in a guided meditation. This meditation will move us into a deep place of connection with ourselves resulting in letting go of stress and striving.  The endocrine system and hormonal secretions are very much affected by stress.  In deep relaxation (also known as Yoga Nidra) the body moves out of the sympathetic nervous system and the reactions of fight and flight.  Instead, we live in the parasympathetic state of peace and calm benefiting us in body, mind, and heart.

I look forward to sharing the powerful healing practice of yoga with all the the women who attend our September 7th women’s retreat.  Namaste — Maria Battista

Maria Battista

Sacred Mountain Yoga


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