Igniting Creativity and Inspiring Imagination

Igniting Creativity 

Creating Magic and Fun with Your Kids is Easy

Image is the first half of imagination. Igniting creativity, inspiring imagination and having some fun with your kids is easy, if you use your brain. Here is my recipe: I love looking at the sky and at trees to see if I can find pictures. I remember spending lots of time as a kid just gazing up at the clouds or staring at a tree to see what might be hiding there.

It’s a great pastime and allows your child to be creative. Trying to describe what you’re seeing when someone else might not see the same thing is a great way to practice “getting your point across.”

What Do You See?

Yesterday I was walking along our road and saw this tree trunk. Do you see the horse that has reared up on his hind legs and is peering over the fence?!? I’ve noticed it before but this time I had my iPhone along so I could take the picture.

Log horse in my garden

Do you see what I’m seeing?

If not, maybe it would just take some time to describe how and why I’m seeing what I’m seeing. The process is truly like painting pictures with your words.

Practice this with your kids.

Simple Energy Tips for Igniting Creativity

AND if either of you need some help expressing what you are seeing, try these simple energy tips:

  1. Hold the base of your skull, right fingers on the right side and left fingers on the left side
  2. up the base of your skull with one hand and cup your forehead with the other

Have fun being a creative artist with your words!

Your Mind is the Center of Your Creativity

For more information about igniting your creativity and using your brain, check out Steven Campbell’s radio show and website. I will be his guest on September 2nd from 9:00 to 11:00 am. His radio program is entitled “Making Your Mind Magnificent.” Steven’s weekly radio show features the latest findings in cognitive psychology.

Tune into KOWS radio at 107.3 FM and on the internet at http://kows107-3.org.  You may call us during the show at 707-874-1073.

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