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Deborah received President's Award

Sometimes, you just have to say yes, especially when you’ve been telling yourself that you really shouldn’t spend the time, energy, or money. Because sometimes that conversation you’re having with yourself is all about second-guessing and wondering whether it’s really that important – when the universe is giving you all sorts of messages that “now IS the time!

Thank goodness I listened to my family and said “yes” to go to New York City on June 22nd to receive the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Deborah Myers with president's award certificate and medal

I wasn’t going to go! I had already decided just to have the award mailed to me. My kids said, “Really, Mom? Just do it. You have to go!”

So, I got into gear and planned a whirlwind weekend trip to New York. And I am so happy I did!

The awards and gala day was so well planned and so much fun. And I felt huge gratitude and honor to be part of it and to be acknowledged for what I’m doing in the world.


Saturday June 22 was the finale following an awesome three days of the Trailblazer Summit and Symposium. It was a virtual summit that happened June 18 through the 20 and was produced by Top Talent Agency. I’m forever grateful for this amazing team who helped me to publish a chapter in a book, get on the cover of LA Tribune Magazine, have articles published in other publications, plus numerous speaking opportunities. It was Top Talent who ultimately nominated me for this prestigious award.


Deborah, Jessica, Janice, Day 1

The New York experience started with having two awesome roommates, Jessica and Janice, who were fun, a joy to be with, and full of life and adventure.

Both ladies were also Award winners:

Jessica Sheehan, is a director of Top Talent Agency.

Janice Niederhofer, is the founder of Humankind Alliance.

Saturday was a full day of Mastermind groups, presentations, and get-togethers. It was an excellent opportunity to meet other like-minded folks whose goals are to help people step into their power.

What was truly inspiring was meeting the other award winners. It was special to get to know them, hear their stories, and learn what they’re doing to lead change in the world.

I now have new opportunities to have deeper conversations and collaborations with key industry leaders, working together to spread our messages, insights, and programs.

Besides all of that – it was just loads of FUN!


The Awards Gala was such a high. It was in a beautiful old mansion in Hamilton Heights where you could feel the energy of the land, the ancestors, and the healing center it had become.

Mansion Front

Mansion Door

Mansion Inside

The whole evening was a phenomenal experience, for which I will be forever grateful. Being in the energy of so many people empowering others to become who they want to be was both exhilarating and humbling.

The formal award from Operation Impact was presented to me by Cheri Sotelo, Credentialing Agent for the White House. I was recognized and sincerely supported by David Fagan and Isabel Donadio, Founders and Owners of Top Talent Agency (Trailblazer co-producers), and by Adora Crystal Evans of Ace Productions (Trailblazer co-producer).

Deborah with White House agent Cheri Sotelo

Deborah and Cheri Sotelo,
Credentialing Agent for the White House


David Deborah Isabel

My Topic Talent team – David Fagan & Isabel Donadio


Deborah Cheri Adora

My new friends Cheri Perry, President, Total Merchant Concepts, and Adora Crystal Evans from Ace Productions

The mansion felt like a Palace of Possibilities, with magical doors already opening. At that gala evening, one door opened for me to meet the director of the healing center and began what appears to be a powerful connection for future collaborations.


What do you do on a free day in NYC?  You go for bagels, a Broadway Play, and an Italian dinner, of course.

Deborah Janice Steward Nicki Jessica (2)

Bagels for Breakfast at Modern Bread & Bagels

For Sunday breakfast, a group of us went to the Modern Bread & Bagel in Manhattan, my favorite bagel shop. Such great gluten-free and delectable bagels that are beyond measure. I knew about their bagels because I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a group mail shipment to my home in California. So, I had to visit the source.

The iconic Macy’s Department Store was also on our NYC tour. We had to go there because it IS where the Thanksgiving Macy’s Parade happens. (*smile*)

Wicked Playbill

We experienced a Broadway show at the historic Gershwin Theatre, where we saw Wicked! And oh my, what a joy! I was in giggles, in tears, and everything in between. My friend Cyndy Mercedes, who was in New York that weekend, joined me, Janice, and Jessica for the adventure.

And talk about serendipity – Wicked exemplifies what the Trailblazer event and the Award Gala were all about. Did you know that Wicked is about inspiring everyone to use their brains, heart, and courage to express their creative genius and find new ways of defying gravity?

When you buy a Wicked Journal, you’re supporting “The Everyone Deserves the Chance to Fly Grant.” The grant provides resources to organizations around the globe that use creativity to power positive social transformations. Their mission is to support those who want to explore their creativity and unleash their unique voice.

Waiting for table at UVA

Waiting for our table at UVA – yum!

And, wrapping up our NYC experience, the four of us went to THE best Italian restaurant imaginable. At the Uva Wine Bar and Restaurant on 2nd Ave, the energy, the host, the servers, the service, and the FOOD were all about making you feel the essence of Italy.  Delizioso!

Wow! It’s hard to quit thinking and talking about ALL the great stuff that happened during this miraculous adventure.

Can you tell that I’m sure glad I said YES?!

And, back to Wicked. Just saying – Wicked and the Trailblazer Award Gala are both about defying gravity, taking a leap, and being willing to fly.

In other words, what I learned is to say “yes” to an adventure or opportunity that just might create the possibility for you to step into your power and allow the universe to help you fly into who you’re searching to be.


I’d love to hear your thoughts about my adventure and message. Just Contact Me to share.

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