Spring is here!

Purple BunnyIs your body on the same page?

Do you have this question brewing? “Why am I feeling punky when I’m supposed to be feeling up?”
If you are feeling confused, see if any of these scenarios fit:

  • You don’t know if what you are feeling is an allergic reaction (could be environmental, something you ate, or something you have touched)
  • You’re not in the midst of a cold, but your eyes, nose or throat feel scratchy
  • You are experiencing muscle soreness or weakness that is unusual for you

If you can’t come up with the cause of your discomfort, you may very well be experiencing a release of toxins. This can happen even if you aren’t doing a seasonal cleanse.
We know that our bodies are miraculous beings, and they innately know when it’s a “good time” to be letting go of accumulated blocked energy. Spring is a time to let go because our bodies are no longer trying to stay warm during winter cold spells. They no longer feel the need to hibernate and we are ready to step into the longer daylight hours, the activities of spring and the joy of living.

Energy Balancing Tips for Moving into Spring

Here are a few suggestions to help your body be in that letting go stage in an easier, more effortless way:

Do the Daily Clean Your House Flow.

In addition, do the following “energy cleanse flow” off and on throughout the day. It is fast and easy. You should feel the benefits right away.

  1. Right hand – hold the right mid-back at kidney level
  2. Left hand – hold the left mid-back at kidney level
  3. Right hand – hold the left base of ribcage
  4. Right hand – hold the outside of the right knee
  5. Right hand – hold the inside of the left knee

 The body as an energy system

Your body is bilateral so you only need to do the one side, but there’s no such thing as too much self help! How many times have you heard me say that? So, go ahead and do the other side.

Stay Hydrated and Rested

  • Drink plenty of good water to help flush the toxins out of your system.
  • Make sure you’re getting good rest

Sleep can be tricky during this time because your body wants to be awake and moving and doing. Consider doing the following “sleeping flow”.

  1. Right hand – hold right base of skull
  2. Left hand – hold left base of skull
  3. Jumper cable – hold each thumb and finger for at least several breaths

If you’re not asleep by the end of the second hand, start over. Most people find that sleep comes by the middle of the second time through the fingers. If you don’t know what jumper cabling is, go to my website and I’ll show you!

In Conclusion

Long and short of all of this is to give your body what it’s asking for: space to make the shift into the new season, space to be different, and space to experience flow. THAT after all is what moving energy is! FLOW!!
Enjoy the spring – you deserve it!

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