Holidays bring Joy

Holidays Can Be Filled with Demands and Happiness

Holidays bring us joy and stress. To make sure you have joy, here is my recipe to keep you in balance.

It’s there even though many of us seem to be searching for it this year because of all the chaos that has been occurring for the last few months.

Lucky for me that I love Christmas. I could hardly wait for the Friday after Thanksgiving to decorate the house and bring in the color and lights.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in Minnesota where the winter days seemed exceptionally dark! What I do know is that as soon as I start putting on the lights and meticulously placing the ornaments on the tree, I’m in the spirit. And as that transpires, my heart is open to possibilities and smiles and joy. So, as a result, I decide to spend all of Thanksgiving weekend to deck the halls and enjoy the time and the space I’m creating. And then, somehow or other, it seems like I do have time for all of the other items on my list.

Deborah Myers holding her Sonoma Strong Bear in front of the Christmas TreeHere is what helps me with all of that lifting and climbing and stretching when I’m decorating. Whether I’m placing all of my Santa Claus figures on the shelves or I’m winding the strands of lights around the tree or I’m reaching for the highest limb on the tree to get the absolute best ornament in the space I’ve chosen, I want to have my body easily cooperate and not go into a reaction. I want to make sure that my body will let me do everything that I’ve planned to do.

Daily Clean Your House Flow to Start Your Day Right =  Holidays Bring Joy

First, I start the day with the Daily Clean Your House Flow!

Then, off and on during the decoration extravaganza, I do the following:

1.  Right hand — cup and hold left shoulder near neck

Left hand — hold fingers at left pelvis/groin area

Left hand — move fingers to left sit bone

Switch and do the right side.

2.  Right hand — cup back of neck with fingers on the left side

  Left hand — hold base of spine at coccyx

Left hand — hold outside of the left knee (the anti-inflammatory point)!

Switch to do the right side

To make it even easier — watch this video!


I wish each and every one of you a magnificent and joyous holiday season!

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I’m Truly a Kid at Heart!

Sleigh RideI’m truly a kid at heart!

I saw Santa last week with some good friends and I know I had a really big smile on my face. I was right back at that place of total excitement that Santa was coming to town. As a kid growing up in a very small town in Minnesota (population 500), it was a big occasion with lots of planning and hype about the event. And, of course, sitting on his lap and telling him what I wanted for Christmas was a super big deal.

So, this year I didn’t tell him what I wanted when I sat next to him on his sleigh. Instead, I told him “thank you” for creating so many happy smiling people, both children and adults. He was the ultimate Santa — red and white suit, white beard, twinkling eyes, nose like a cherry, and a big smile in the midst of those rosy cheeks.

I felt like I was a character in ’Twas the Night Before Christmas and I found myself laughing in spite of myself as I watched him being Santa.

He and Mrs. Claus have created the ultimate Christmas Winter Wonderland. The outside is beautiful with all of the lights and decorations and the sleigh that he pops in and out of. But what is different from any other decorated house in any other neighborhood — they open their door to thousands of visitors every year. The entire house is filled with Christmas music and some of the most beautiful displays I’ve ever seen — Santas, villages, snowmen, a holiday train, a carnival, a whole room of angels.

Christmas Lights

Edmundo, Mary Jo and Kathy start decorating in September to prepare their Christmas House. And they do it because they love to create magic and see the smiles and hear the laughter. Last year they had 44,700 visitors. How do they know? They handed out 44,700 candy canes.

Most of us aren’t going to go to that extent to bring the magic of the season into our homes and neighborhoods, but we can create the energy of  joy by just being in the space of happiness and love.

Ready to see the Rombeiro’s Christmas House and get filled with magic?  Their address is 34 Devonshire Drive, Novato, CA . They’re open every night through January 6th, including 12/24, 12/25, 12/31 and 1/1/2016. And every single night Santa will turn on all of the lights at 6:00 pm, walk out to his sleigh and greet his visitors. Kathy waits at the front door, welcoming each and every one who walks through the door.  Mary Jo (Mrs. Claus) waits in the kitchen to see the smiles and have short conversations with those who just want to say thank you.

Yep. This Santa and his family are remarkable. They share the joy of the season and you can’t help but accept their gift. I hope you and your family have found ways to experience the magic of the season!

Joy and Magic

And remember — each of your family members can have balance and harmony by spending time every day doing self-help acupressure. You will find it much easier to have everything on the list done, to be rested, and to see smiles on each and every face. Keep it simple. Do the Daily Clean Your House Flow and remember to Jumper Cable as often as you think of it.

Sending you lots of balancing energy!

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Life is Full of Surprises!

To Do ListLife is Full of Surprises!

Accidents are not planned so when they happen life changes. You have a list of what you need to do in the next few days and within the week. You have plans and then all of a sudden you have to make new ones. My car accident of two weeks ago has created a bit of a scheduling chaos. My calendar now needs to handle doctors, physical therapy, energy work, and massage. Whiplash creates a need to for immediate treatment. I don’t want to wait for the muscles to tighten up even more.

Where’s My Car?

Then there’s the car issue. I really didn’t expect to hear that my car is a total loss after being rear-ended. How could that have bent the frame? After the crash, I was able to drive my car to a meeting and then to my home. Now I get to deal with replacing my car when that was the farthest thing from my mind. I thought my Subaru was going to give me another ten years. I don’t know as of yet what I’ll be driving next.

Ripples and Repercussions

Any of this sound familiar to you? Dealing with repercussions from an accident is a lot of “this wasn’t part of any plan I had in place.” But that’s life: it’s like a box of chocolates. You don’t know what you’re going to get until you take a bite of whichever piece you happen to choose or are given.

Harvest Time and the Holidays

It’s November and my time is supposed to be used finishing the harvest, cleaning up the garden, getting plants into the greenhouse, prepping for Thanksgiving and creating holiday gifts.  And, of course, if you know me, you know that decorating for Christmas is of major importance. And top of the list is seeing my clients and spreading the word about my animated video of the Daily Clean Your House Flow.

Day by Day

So what to do? Take each day, one at a time, just like picking out a piece of chocolate. And I thank my lucky stars that my body is on a fast track to healing. All things considered, my life COULD be a lot worse. I have a treatment plan and I’m doing my energy work around the clock. Whatever gets accomplished from my list is still in up for grabs. The key is treat the list in way that keeps it from turning into stress.

Energy Balance and Healing

I’m doing the following to help my body be in energetic balance and heal.

Breath, Relieve Shoulder and Neck Tension

This flow will help you to be in breath and relieve tension in your shoulder and neck:

  • Hold upper arms by folding arms across the chest
  •  Left hand: cup right shoulder with fingers at top of right shoulder blade
    • Right hand: cup sternum below collarbone
    • Left hand: move to right upper arm
    • Left hand: hold fingertips in a vertical pattern on tummy

Clarity, Focus and Release Tightness in your Neck and Head

This flow will help you create clarity and focus and relieve neck and head pressure:

  • Left hand: cup back of neck
  • Right hand: cup forehead

Gratitude is an Attitude

By the way, you don’t have to be healing from an accident for any of this to work! Try these steps any time you want to expand your breath and improve focus.

I’m hoping YOU have a beautiful November! This IS the month for gratitude. See what each day brings and look for the good.  Enjoy!


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