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Would YOU help me become a best-selling author? For only 99 cents you can help me get there. Take this opportunity to read Choices: Inspiring Stories of Healing Through Alternative and Holistic Health Care. The eBook is available now on Amazon. Our big campaign day: Friday the 13th, the perfect day for you to post a review.

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Here’s the link where you can purchase the book and post a review. I’m in gratitude, ahead of time, for your support!

I chose to be a part of a fantastic book called Choices. Why did 19 authors come together and compile what I think is a wonderful creation?

In alternative and holistic health care, we have possibilities for improving health unknown to the public. We know it can be easy to make yourself a priority and want you to explore ALL your CHOICES before making life-changing decisions.

In this book, the community of practitioners and authors provide short, compelling, examples of just a few modalities available to help you on your journey to get your life back. Grab the keys, take responsibility, and make your CHOICE for your life.

I am Chapter 5 in the book: “The Magic of Jin Shin Jyutsu.” What I offer is one choice available in the world of health care. I loved writing my chapter in the book Choices. It helped me re-validate WHY I love doing what I do! I started my acupressure/Jin Shin Jyutsu practice in 1995. And I can’t imagine not doing what I get to do every day with and for my clients! Within the sessions and with self-help instruction, I teach others how to partner with their bodies with ease.

Here is an excerpt from my chapter that gives you a sense of life-changing possibilities from what I offer my clients and my students.

“In fall 2017, thousands of people in Sonoma County experienced trauma, beyond description, as they raced away from the blazing infernos that had been their homes. The impact from those few days of hell, left emotional scars, particularly for youngsters…”

“I used Jin Shin Jyutsu to help Justin, a five-year-old who could not understand why he had lost his belongings, why he didn’t have his old bedroom to go home to, and why his cat was no longer part of the family. He was suffering a physical shortness of breath from smoke inhalation, plus his breath had been taken away by the trauma. This caused him to be more and more stuck in the memory and sadness, and he was plagued by recurring nightmares. As I applied gentle touch on energy meridian points, his lungs opened to release the buildup of smoke, his body remembered the old pattern of expansive breath, he broke through the nightmares, and he started smiling and laughing again.”


I love having the opportunity to help people partner with their bodies. Non-intrusive and gentle, Jin Shin Jyutsu replenishes mental, physical, and emotional energy, and allows breathing to be more expansive. Where energy flows, the breath follows. It seems like magic: it can reduce stress, balance emotions, improve performance, increase clarity and focus, and strengthen self-confidence and mindfulness. Pressure points are targeted to relieve bothersome symptoms and maintain energy balance. The result is empowering.

We each have opportunities every single day to look at options. See the possibilities. Choose where you go, from where you are to where you want to be.

As always, I feel gratitude for everyone who chooses to “be a partner with their body.”

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Water and Energy – It's all the same!

The water is a-flowing! Well, we were wishing for rain – and we got it!
I knew it was going to be a big storm and I prepped for it. One of the big chores was to fill sandbags and place them in strategic locations with the hope that my garden paths didn’t get totally rutted out as the water came down the hillside.
Now you know that I consistently talk about balancing the energy in our bodies so the pathways are open and flowing. When we accomplish this, it’s all about correcting the movement of the energy so the rivers are flowing easily. When we do our daily energy balancing, we are literally re-patterning and reprograming our energy system so our bodies are ready for what we’re going to ask them to do and better prepared for whatever might come at them.
In this particular instance, my goal was to do the very same thing – use the sandbags to help the flow of water go where I wanted it to go so the garden paths wouldn’t be drastically impacted. Well, best laid plans – it sort of worked! The rain came down so hard at times during the night that I fully expected the garden to be full of new rivers gouged out by the downpour. My paths were definitely not perfect this morning, but they could have been a whole lot worse. My work to correct the impact is going to be a lot less than it might have been. I’ll need a load of gravel but it should be easy to take care of the project.
Moral of the story – be prepared! Take care of yourself, whether it be your body or your property, and you’ll have fewer big projects that get created. The rest of the lesson – do your energy balancing before you ask your body to do any activity. Because I did mine before filling the sandbags and moving them around, my body didn’t go into reaction. And because I did my Daily Clean Your House Flow this morning, I was okay to be out there shoveling gravel and getting the pools of water to let go and flow.
My next suggestion is to stay dry and warm! Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season!!

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