Breath is the Key

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How is YOUR breath?  Are you feeling like you’re getting enough air into your lungs?

I love the fall. It’s one of my favorite times of the year with the changing of the light, the season’s colors, and the harvest of all that Mother Nature and my garden created. It also is the time to evaluate the first part of the year and determine what I need to take care of before the onset of wet weather and the end of the year. You know that thing called “getting all your ducks in a row?”

But 2020 has taken all of us on a crazy ride, and everything seems so disjointed and out of sorts. Like you get something started, and then it gets interrupted. It’s not procrastination; we are experiencing total disruption. It’s hard to experience safety, security, and accomplishments amid being enmeshed in all of the craziness.


The upheavals and stress of 2020

All of us are coping with so much. Depending on where you reside, you might live with the threat of wildfires, intense heat, or life-threatening storms. There is the pandemic and all the fallout, the underlying concern about whether one’s health is in jeopardy, and the violence that seems to run rampant. And, if you’ve experienced any loss, whether it’s the loss of a loved one or personal or property loss, your life is filled with figuring out how to handle all of it. No wonder so many people are experiencing depression.

Everything I’ve listed can too easily create anxiety, and anxiety can develop into “shortness of breath.” Many say that they can’t get their lungs to move the air. And, if you’re living where there is a lot of smoke in the air and intense heat, your physical body is in massive reaction. If you have preexisting respiratory issues, your body is even more sensitive, challenged, and stressed.

The all-important inhale

Stress can take our breath away, cause us to wait with bated breath, and cause us to wait for the next shoe to drop. And, when that’s the case, “held breath” brings about other “projects” that can affect physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

We all know how important breath is. We need expansive inhales to bring in the oxygen that gives us life and vitality. And we need the purging power of our exhale to make room for the new inhale. We can help our bodies always have space for the breath, no matter what gets in our way, what disruptions occur, what calamities take place. We can help our bodies prepare for whatever might come at them and for whatever we ask them to do for us. And it’s not telling them, “I expect you to be stuck and not be able to do this.” It’s telling them, “I love you being in the flow, and this is how we’re going to do it together.” Doing your self-help acupressure is about you being a partner with your body.

Let’s help your breath move! Bring on health and vitality!

Please share this information with others in your life, including kids. Self-help acupressure works for all ages.

  1. Do the Daily Clean Your House Flow®! You’ve heard me say that lots. But it’s a foundation that can create stability and ease and calm. So, do it at least once a day. You can see the step-by-step on my website at Click on the purple button to get a copy. And see the animated video of the Daily Flow in its entirety.
  2. Do the Jumper Cables (last step of the Daily Flow) whenever you think of it, or when your body tells you to do it! It will balance all emotions and feelings.
  3. Hold upper arms by folding arms across the chest
  4. Hold thumbs
  5. For respiratory distress – anxiety, holding your breath, lung tightness
  • Right fingers—hold the right base of the ribcage
  • Left fingers—hold the right chest below the collarbone
  • Switch hands and hold opposite sides
  1. Right hand—cup your sternum directly below the collarbone
    Left hand – hold fingertips in a vertical pattern below the naval

Whenever you do your energy balancing, visualize ease, calm, and strength for all parts of your body: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And picture the same flow for others in your life as well as for the rest of the world. See that same calm experienced and enjoyed by our environment, including our forests. They are just as hungry for peace, strength, and health.

I wish each of you calm and peace and lots of easy breath.

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